The Fat Burning Circuit in 20 minutes or less

Ignite your body and turn into a Fat burning machine!

Warm Up
5 min cycle/ Jogging on the spot
10 squats x 2
10 Hamstring swings each leg
10 squats
12 calf pumps
10 Dynamic lunges x 2

General stretch
Follow the below circuit resting only when necessary.
Hydrate prior to doing the session and if you feel dizzy at any stage please stop.

The full body circuit, COMPLETE 3-5 circuits. The format is 50 seconds work 10 seconds rest
Follow the circuit in order resting for 1 minute once you finish the last exercise.
Squat Jumps


Skater jumps


Press ups 


Glute Bridge 



Static stretches and refuel with a healthy balanced meal.
Hydration is key for optimal health. 2.5l per day

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