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In the corporate world we live in today stress is one of the most common causes for employees to be absent from work which not only effects the individual directly but costs companies millions in lost revenue annually.

I offer a range of simple but effective solutions ranging from basic fitness routines to motivational talking to inspire and energise your employees to ultimately improve their performance which means greater productivity for your business.


I also specialise in public speaking and am available for corporate and social events.

Please contact me if you’d like to find out how I can help your business.

Fit for Business

Fit for Business

Fit for Business aims to be the world’s premier Private Business Club. We aspire to provide our members real value in helping improve their business and their well-being through various concepts and modules.

We seek to foster an atmosphere of growing business within our network whilst increasing the performance of all the companies and employees within it.

Fit for Business, Fit for Life.

Fit for Business Core Ethos

The core ethos of Fit for Business is to develop a winning attitude to businesses through a range of business modules and member benefits and to develop business between its existing and new members.

Fit for Business will also focus on the concept of a healthy body equals a healthy mind, which creates a winning mentality.

The main areas offered through the Fit for Business are:

  • Be connected
  • Business lectures and seminars
  • Training and development
  • Public speaking
  • Mind, body and soul
  • Winning Leaders courses
  • Senior management clubs
  • Marketing through events

Fit for Business – Modules

Be Connected

Be connected is a step beyond normal networking events. Fit for Business will facilitate introductions between members at their request, and will assist the member in gaining access to targets they may be struggling to contact.

Members will also be allowed to present their business at networking events, to ensure that all members are clear on what they do, the business they are targeting and the contacts they would like.

The formation of “power groups” will be encouraged, where members actively promote each other.

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Business Lectures

Lectures and business seminars will be provided to members on a range of topics from business leaders locally, regionally and internationally.

Training and Development

Fit for Business will offer its members access to high quality training and development courses designed to develop the skills of its members and their employees.

Public Speaking

Considered to be people’s number one fear, public speaking is a skill that can propel your image and your business career. We have specific training courses will highly qualified leaders that will show you how to deliver that killer presentation.

Mind, Body and Soul

Mind, Body and Soul will be a series of events and modules focused on developing a winning attitude. The two key areas will be:

  • Mental coaching and personal development
  • Health, fitness and nutrition