The Home Kettle bell blitz Workout

Build your best body from the comforts of your home.

Kettle Bell Blaster
Works Arms, Shoulders, Core and Glutes 

5 minutes active warm up on Bike or Jogging
Dynamic warm up
10 x hamstring swings
10 x press ups
10 x walking lunge (5 each leg)
10 x dynamic squats
10 x hip rotations
10 x shuttle forward and backwards over
High knee runs over 10m x 2 sets
General mobility of upper body and lower body

Work through all 4 exercises in circuit form resting 15-30 seconds

between exercises and 60 seconds between sets.

Concentrate on form!! 4-6 sets in total

Full Body Kettle bell clean and press x 8 each side

Yours shoulders should stay over the Kettle-bell to help fire the Lats, use the Glutes and hips to swing the KB up and then pull into the shoulder position. Then Fire the shoulder press and push KB to the sky.  *Don’t go to heavy form is essential* 

2. Tall Kneeling one arm press x 6 each side


Engage the core and then press the KB up into the air in a controlled manner before lowering.

3.Wall Plank x 10 each side

Try use your arm to touch your opposite shoulder alternating arms 10 each side. Keep the core nice and firm.  Keep a neutral spine as shown in the above illustration (back straight).

4.Kettlebell swings x 10

Strong flat back is required in the lower position. *Keep the back flat and avoid rounding**Keep the arms straight at all times use your legs and hips to propel the dumbell up to the horizontal position.

When I work with new clients there is one group of muscles that I always focus on first.

Spending most of your time working on your Glutes (buttocks) will produce more overall results than any other muscle group. The key to a good strength and conditioning program where the aim is prevent injury and lose weight fat is to focus on the big muscles.

Here are some reasons why you should focus on your Glutes:

1 – Burns More Fat

Want to burn the most calories and keep burning them afterwards?

The Glutes are the largest muscles in the body. Muscles require energy to work and to survive.

When you exercise your Glutes you not only use huge amounts of energy but you also increase their tone making them more energy expensive in the future. Muscle requires more energy therefore the more muscle you have the greater your metabolism.

2 – Protects Your Knees

Have you ever watched a runner and seen their knees or ankles cave inwards with every step?

Your Glute muscles stabilise your hips and so keep your legs in correct alignment preventing knee and ankle injury.

3 – Protects Your Lower Back

Do you suffer from lower back pain?

Strong Glutes help produce better movement at the hips and so prevent the lower back or hamstrings from overworking.

If you have lower back issues, then stronger Glutes will help.

4 – Improve overall Strength

Want to have some really serious full body strength?

Not only are the Glutes the largest muscles in the body but they are the strongest too and will improve your overall strength very quickly.

5 – Improves Your Flexibility

Do you suffer from tight hamstrings?

Weak Glutes or mis-firing Glutes will heavily rely on the Hamstrings to extend the hip. As the hamstrings get overused they tighten. Improve that mobility in the hips to improve sports specific strength also.

6 – Reduces Thigh Overuse

Do you suffer with your quads burning out before your gluten even feel worked?

If the Glutes are underused then the thighs take up the strain. Exercises like Squats will be thigh dominant rather than sharing the load with the Glutes.


Always follow each session with a cool down and static stretch on each body part followed by a recovery meal. For more information on  Nutrition/ diets or a tailored diet plan please email me


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