Add some steel to your leg workout with this 15 minute legs workout

Add Power to your lower body with this hard core dumbbell and barbell workout!

Start by performing two sets with a 10 second rest between each set then move onto the next exercise to fire up those gluten and build that strength and power in the legs.

Dynamic Forward Lunge x 8 reps per leg

a. Place a barbell or hurdle 60 cm infant of you with 10kg plates on the bar.

b. Lunge over the bar keeping your chest upright with dumbbells of your choice then quickly push back to the start.


Dynamic Side Lunge x 8 reps per leg

a. Lunge laterally over the bar holding dumbbells of your own choice.

b. Quickly return to your starting position. The Dumbbells should hang either side of your legs.


Swiss Ball Hamstring Curls x 8 reps per leg

Hack Squat x 8

a. Place a bar on a squat rack at hip level and grip the bar from behind

b. Hold the bar at arms length behind you and then lift the weight

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