15 minute Body changer



Below is a 15 minute work out that you can do in your lunch time and :-
  • Lose Fat
  • Build Cardio
  • Athletic development
  • New moves

Warm Up

Alway make sure you are thoroughly warm prior to any exercise
  • 5 minutes bike
Dynamic mobility movements
1. Hamstring swings 10 each leg
2. Dynamic Squats 10 x 2 sets
3. Hip rotations
4. 10 lunges each leg
5. 10 press ups x 2 sets
6. 10 Calf pumps each leg
7. 10 Shoulder rotations.
Stretch anything that requires extra stretching like lower back.
Taking on water is the most important part of any work out
Continuous Circuit
10 med Ball slams
15 Romanian Deadlifts Barbell
10 Renegade rows (10 each arm/side ) *
10 Squat Curl and Press (dumbbells)
10 Reverse lunge and touch floor with dumbbells * ( 5 each leg)
10 pull ups on bar (assisted if need be)
Rest 1 min and repeat 3 circuits. 
Weight of your own choice
 Renegade row: press up position with two dumbbells do a press up then do a single arm row with dumbbells. Both arms makes one rep
*Reverse lunge : Bend front leg until the back knee almost hits the floor. Place both dumbbells on floor for 1 second then pick up and stand tall. Stay solid around core area.


Warm down and stretch.
Hydrate and take a protein supplement to aid recovery
I hope you enjoy the burn! For further training and nutrition plans contact me.

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