Fit for Life Circuits in minimal time

Struggling to find a session in the gym that will ignite the internal engine and build that beach body?

Fit for Life
5 minutes active warm up on Bike or Jogging
Dynamic warm up
10 x hamstring swings
10 x press ups
10 x walking lunge (5 each leg)
10 x dynamic squats
10 x hip rotations
10 x shuttle forward and backwards over 10m
High knee runs over 10m x 2 sets
General mobility of upper body and lower body

Session 1

25-20-15 reps continuous (all weights are at own discretion)

Squats 100kg or Body weight

Bench Press 80kg

Pull ups

Med ball slams

Step ups

Complete session with
Core and Abs
Rotating plank for 3min (30 seconds front plank, 15 left side and 15 seconds right side x3 sets)

3 x 25 Jack Knifes

3 x 15 Hyper extensions

Session 2

Complete 4 sets

400m run

20 Kg Kettle bell swings

20 Kg Sumo squat

10 Burpees

Rest 2 mins / set

Complete Shoulder mobility stretches and flexibility


Always refuel and stretch post exercise to reap the rewards of your hard work!
Gauge all weights and only perform using correct technique to avoid injury!
Always consult a GP prior to any fitness regime!