Ultimate burn with the TRX


    The Full-body TRX blast









5 minutes mobility skipping
Dynamic stretches
10 Squats
10 Leg swings
Upper body stretches
30 seconds plank
General stretches
The Session

40 seconds work 20 seconds rest continuous work x 3 -4 sets

Trx lateral Hops
Trx atomic press ups
Trx single leg bulgarian squat Right leg
Trx single leg Bulgarian squat Left leg
Trx Rows

Each circuit lasts 6 minutes total, no rest then complete the full circuit for 3-4 sets.

Static stretches and refuel on Nutritional shake
Finish your session with Tummy buster!

3 x 30 seconds Plank 15 seconds rest between sets

3 x 15 seconds side Plank each side no rest


A high protein supplement post workout will be beneficial.
Rehydrate and eat a healthy balanced meal to aid in recovery.

***Always consult a physician prior to starting any new training regime


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