Strengthen your back and Core for Better Health



Warm Up

5 min cycle
10 squats
10 Hamstring swings each leg
10 squats
12 calf pumps
10 Dynamic lunges

General stretch

Complete all the circuit 2 or 3 times through for a full body blast, Shred and tone for a lean athletic body.
The lower Back weakness can inhibit anyone’s athletic ability and fitness goals.
Use this preventive Lower Back Booster to work all the key muscles around the spine for a rock solid core.

Session Body:

Do two sets of each move, resting for 30 seconds between moves.
Forearm plank 1 set x 60 seconds


Side Plank 1 set x 60 seconds each side


Cross Standing stretch x 5 rep


From a standing position flex the knees and then fold from the hip so that the upper-body is parallel to the floor. Hold your arms out at the sides and pretend you have a apple under your chin to lift the chin from the chest. The whole spine should be aligned and the focus on the lower back muscle group. Hold this position for 15-25 seconds then slowly come back into a upright position before completing 4 more repetitions.
Lower abdominal reverse crunch 20 reps

Cobra Backbend x 5 reps

Lying face down push your hips into the ground before extending your elbows to push your chest away from the ground. Hold at the top of the position for 5 seconds breathing deeply, and then relax back slowly to the start position. Complete this 4 more times.
The Glute Bridge x 5

Lay on your back and have your knees at 90 degrees feet flat on the floor. Breathe normally then tuck your tail-bone in and tilt your hips so you flatten your lower back (roll hips forward) then push your heels into the floor before you lift the hips off the ground. Suck your belly button in and up towards your diaphragm. Keep shoulder blades on the floor. Hold at the top position squeezing your Glute muscles for 5 seconds before lowering back flat to the ground. Complete this 4 more times.
Superman Plank


Go into the standard plank position (Press up also) now tuck your belly button in and up towards your diaphragm trying to breathe normally. Then lift your left arm straight in front along with your right leg straight behind. Hold for 3 seconds perform alternating arm and leg trying not to twist the body. Complete 5 repetitions per side. If too difficult do the superman from a kneeling position.
*** This back session can be used at the end of a session for the more advanced trainers or as a start for the more new to training.

Any fitness program is only as good as the amount of effort you put in. No fitness regime will work on poor nutrition. Its 80% nutrition 20 % exercises.






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