The High Definition Sculpture Program



This 20 minute circuit incorporates the large muscle groups which will burn more calories and melt the fat. 


Once you start you won’t want to stop! See the results and feel the benefits #health #livelife

Warm Up

5 min cycle

10 Shoulder Rotations forward and backwards
10 squats
10 Hamstring swings each leg
10 squats
12 calf pumps into press ups x10
10 Dynamic lunges

General stretch

Complete the circuit one exercise after each other then after completing the first set rest 1 minute! Complete 8-10 reps of each exercise in order increasing the weight after every circuit. Complete 4 sets in total for the burn!

Dumbell Goblet Squat 8-10 reps


Russian twist 8-10 reps


Dumbell Deadlift 8-10 reps


Decline Press up 8-10 reps

If you struggle with press ups place your knees on the bench as shown above.

The key is to engage your core AND TRY MAINTAIN a neutral spine position (Flat back)

Dumbbell Push Press 8-10 reps


30 second Plank


1 minute rest then complete another 3 sets for a total of 4.





Toppings of nuts and dried fruits provide a morning energy boost, while a dash of the cinnamon adds savory flavor, protects your heart, and fights inflammation. Try adding this to your morning breakfast porridge to boost the body and your overall performance.

Health and Safety

Please ensure that you try maintain correct form at all times and use a suitable weight that will not jeopardise form or technique resulting in injury. If unsure then please contact me on email for any further advise or information of training to your optimum.


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