Kettle Bell Blaster



A program to Work Arms, Shoulders, Core and Glutes
5 minutes active warm up on Bike or Jogging
Dynamic warm up
10 x hamstring swings
10 x press ups
10 x walking lunge (5 each leg)
10 x dynamic squats
10 x hip rotations
10 x shuttle forward and backwards over
High knee runs over 10m x 2 sets



General mobility of upper body and lower body 

Work through all 4 exercises in circuit form resting 15-30 seconds between exercises and 60 seconds between sets. Concentrate on form!! 4-6 sets

Full Body Kettle bell clean and press x 8 each side

Yours shoulders should stay over the Kettle-bell to help fire the Lats, use the Glutes and hips to swing the KB up and then pull into the shoulder position. Then Fire the shoulder press and push KB to the sky.  *Don’t go to heavy form is essential*

2.Tall Kneeling one arm press x 6 each side 



Engage the core and then press the KB up into the air in a controlled manner before lowering.

3.Wall Plank x 10 each side 

Try use your arm to touch your opposite shoulder alternating arms 10 each side. Keep the core nice and firm.  Keep a neutral spine as shown in the above illustration (back straight).

4.Kettlebell swing to Clean single arm x 5 each side 

Strong flat back is required in the lower position. *Keep the back flat and avoid rounding**Keep the arms straight at all times use your legs and hips to propel the dumbell up to the horizontal position.


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