The Giant Step for Boulder Shoulders and Bulging Biceps


Shoulders and Arms Giant sets
Warm up

Shoulder press with an empty bar increasing the weight but reducing the reps till you reach your starting weight.
5 minutes cycle

Dynamic upper body stretches
10 shoulder rotations forwards
10 shoulder rotations backwards
10 press ups
Do each giant set – four moves done back to back without rest
Complete four sets to pack on muscle and burn fat. Rest 2-3 mins after the fourth exercise

then complete a further 3 sets!

*Tempo 3010 means 3 seconds on the eccentric phase (lowering) 0 pause then 1 second concentric phase. Speed of movement







Shoulder Press 8 reps/ Tempo 3010/Rest 0secs


Push press 8 reps/ Tempo 2010/ Rest 0 secs


Dumbell High pull 12 reps/ Tempo 2010/ rest 0 secs


Dumbell Lateral Raise 12 reps/ Tempo 2010/ Rest 2-3 mins


Complete 4 sets


Close grip chins 8 reps/ Tempo 3010/ Rest 0 seconds

Dumbell Hammer or standard curls 12 reps/ Tempo 3010/ Rest 0 seconds


Dips 10 reps/ Tempo 2010/ Rest 0 seconds

Tricep pull downs 15 reps/ Tempo 2010/ Rest 2-3 minutes

Complete 4 sets
On completion of the 3-5 sets finish your session with Tummy buster!

3 x 25 Bicycle sit ups 10 seconds rest between sets

3 x 30 seconds Plank 15 seconds rest between sets

3 x 15 seconds side Plank each side no rest

A high protein supplement post workout will be beneficial.
Rehydrate and eat a healthy balanced meal to aid in recovery.

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