Metabolic Blitz

The Bang for your buck workout which will raise your heart rate, burn calories and tone your body burning fat in 35minutes only.

Warm Up

5 min cycle
10 squats
10 Hamstring swings each leg
10 squats
12 calf pumps
10 Dynamic lunges

General stretch

Follow this routine in circuit style going from one exercise to the next with no rest! Complete 3-5 sets in total

No rest between sets!
*pick a weight that challenges you but doesn’t compromise form*

PHA Circuit
3-5 sets in total
Set 1

3-5minutes on a CV machine of your choice
eg. A treadmill running at 80 % of your max speed

2. Dumbell Lunges 12 reps each leg

3. Dumbbell Incline Bench press 12 reps

4. Bent over Row 12 reps

5. Bicycle sit ups 20 reps

6. Barbell Squats 12 reps

On completion of the 3-5 sets finish your session with Tummy buster!

3 x 30 seconds Plank 15 seconds rest between sets

3 x 15 seconds sid Plank each side no rest

 A high protein supplement post workout will be beneficial.
Rehydrate and eat a healthy balanced meal to aid in recovery.

Why is Argi+ better than pure L’Arginine?

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